the olympics – one year (and a bit) on

4 September, 2013

Piece for BBC Radio Bristol by Dan White about the Olympic legacy for archery in Britain, featuring an interview with Larry Godfrey. It mentions, incorrectly, that he came fourth in London 2012, when actually he was one arrow away from making the last eight – although that was the best performance by any of the senior squad. Larry did, however, come fourth in the ranking round, to which he said “To be ranked fourth highest in the world behind the three Korean archers was a great achievement but unfortunately they don’t give out any medals for that.” Unfortunately, Larry failing to make the last eight, despite some brilliant shooting, sealed the perception that the Team GB archers had failed, particularly after the avalanche of British gold medals that started immediately following the conclusion of the shoot. The success of the Paralympic squad added weight to both sides of the balance sheet, but the ‘podium funding’, the big government cash targeting the sports in which Britain has a strong chance at an Olympic medal, was cut. (I wrote a bit more about it here.) The current programme is focussed, somewhat controversially, on developing young talent, perhaps for a medal in 2020 or beyond.

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