AGB National Series Finals 2013

1 September, 2013

So me and Mlle. Infinite Curve went up to Nottingham for the day to Wollaton Hall, home of Bruce Wayne, for the National Series final. “Kind of the British Championships” as I explained it to at least two people – although Michael Cauwe, from Belgium, won the men’s compound. It was a lot busier than last year in Oxford anyway. Many very familiar faces on and off the field. The ever-awesome Dani Brown won the women’s compound. You never know, hopefully AGB will fix the sound on the streaming. Good piece from the BBC with video here: we’ll let them off editing the shots of the compound targets into the recurve sections, I suppose… I can thoroughly recommend a Southern Indian restaurant in the centre of Nottingham called Kayals too.

Didn’t take that many pictures, but I was quite pleased with this one of Ashe Morgan‘s high ‘Korean’ draw. Enjoy.


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