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Interview: Carina Rosenvinge

19 September, 2013

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Yay! Danish international and recent World Cup bronze medallist Carina Rosenvinge was kind enough to answer my questions as she prepares for the World Championships in Belek in a couple of weeks time. You can find her personal website here and her excellent Twitter feed here

How’s it going?

Things have been stressed lately. On July 1st I started my education to become a sales assistant. It takes 2 years and it has me working 37 hours a week, which doesn’t always work well with archery. Fortunately the department store I work for has agreed to fewer working hours for a couple of weeks so that I had time to practice for Wroclaw and also for the World Championships next month in Turkey. I now work around 25 hours a week with a couple of days off, which allows me to practice more. I also recently moved into my own apartment. I used to live with my parents, so it’s been a lot of adjusting to new things on my end. Things are starting to calm down – but Christmas is just around the corner and that’s ALWAYS a busy time of year when you work in a store.

Tell us about Wroclaw.

Due to working a lot I didn’t feel well prepared for Wroclaw. I managed to find my way in to making good shots during practice and my individual eliminations and made really good shots and scores during my matches. I made it to 1/16 with a good match against Kumari, with 28-27-28-29-17 on my scoreboard. I was happy with that!  As for teams, we couldn’t have asked for a better test run before the World’s. Anne Marie, Maja and I shot teams way back in our cadet years in a European champs back in 2007. We make a great team. We have a lot of fun both on and off the field and it payed off in Wroclaw with a bronze medal. We shot really good against the Russians all things considering. Tricky field with tricky wind, “new” team and all of us new to the World Cup scene when it comes to shooting for metal.

You are gearing up for the World Championships. What does a practice day look like around now?

My practice days are very different! I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the working schedule and it cost me quite a set back on the field. A lot of things happen causing me to practice differently than what I would prefer. It also depends on whether or not I’m working. I shoot for 4-5 hours, mostly on 70 meter. Tomorrow I have a day off and I will be shooting a full FITA round. This coming weekend we have a training weekend with the national coach.

Have you ever been to Korea?

I have been in Korea a couple of times, both for a training camp at Coach Kim’s archery training school and also for the World Champs back in 2009. It was my second seniors tournament and I came back to Denmark with a 7th place. I was only 18 and I was so excited!

Is there anyone else’s shooting you really admire?

I admire lots of other shooting athletes! To be a top archer – and any other athlete for that matter – you have to put in a lot of time and effort and I admire anyone who has the strength and will power to put up with the frustrations that follow with pursuing your dream. It’s hard work. It’s blood, sweat and tears but if you want it enough, it’s all worth it in the end.

Do you ever shoot field archery, 3D, compound, traditional archery etc. ?

I only shoot target archery.

Is archery growing in Denmark like everywhere else?

Denmark had an Olympic archery BOOM as a cause of the success we had at the 2012 Olympics. It was an amazing experience to compete in the Olympics and being able to do something for my sport and my country simply by doing what I love was great. Archery is fun!

Do you have any ideas how would you make international archery better for spectators?

I think it gets better time by time. At the Olympics the final field was probably as good as it gets. Stands for spectators on each side of the field and a big screen for cool video shots of the archers and the targets. It was a big set up, but it would be cool if it could be like that for every tournament.

So… why archery?

My brother did it and I was so sick and tired of him doing good and always being in the papers. I asked my mom if I would get in the paper if I did good in archery too. She said yes and I wanted to do archery. I also wanted to do and be good at something not a lot of other people do (in Denmark anyway).

What’s on your running playlist?

As in, for when I go running?  Something LOUD with a good beat. Something Chris Brown and Rihanna, always. I mostly listen to Chris Brown, Rihanna and Trey Songz. I am an R’n’B kinda girl, for sure!

Tell us a Danish joke.

I don’t think it would translate all that well. I’m really more of a sarcastic kinda funny 😉

Thanks Carina. Good luck in Belek!