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Zayn Malik… “Archer”

26 November, 2015


Photo: Archery360. No, it’s not real.

For the second time in history, the name Zayn Malik, formerly of world’s biggest boyband One Direction has been attached to archery. Back in 2012, a CBS interview revealed this:

“A fact that actually we only just found out the other day is that Zayn did a lot of archery when you were younger,” Louis Tomlinson said.

Louis then handed Zayn the microphone and urged him to talk about it. “I don’t really talk about it. How did you find out?” he asked his bandmates.

“Your mum told us,” Liam Payne chimed in.

Before Zayn explained any further Louis joked, “He used to think of himself quite the Robin Hood.”

You can watch the video here. Some creative 1D’ers even incorporated Zayn’s skills into their own fan fiction.  Of course, earlier this year Zayn quit One Direction in a global blaze of publicity and accompanying moral panics but the subject has cropped up again in an extensive Fader magazine interview on his upcoming solo album:

“[His producer] likes to use a mobile recording rig…  in Zayn’s house in Bel-Air, and even out camping. That’s where Zayn got into archery, shooting at trees in the downtime while their generator regained electricity, and it’s where they laid down some of their favourite vocal tracks, backed by the soft hum of the woods.”


Photo: Fader magazine

Unfortunately, the accompanying picture shows Zayn wielding a Barnett crossbow, which as we all know, isn’t archery at all. Still, Zayn seems a lot more interesting than his ex-bandmates. I reached out to ‘his people’ for comment, but no-one has got back to me yet. Funny, that. Do you have the skinny on ZM and archery? Get the hell in touch.