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2015 AGB National Series Finals

31 August, 2015

So I was up in Wollaton Park in Nottingham on media duties for Jon Nott and Archery GB. I got to man the Twitter feed, develop my DSLR speed photo-processing skills (best I got was shutter click to Lightroom to internet in 70 seconds), grab quotes, photograph everyone for the post-podium media shots (‘smile… please‘), eat a lot of walnut cake, touch an owl and so much more.

The weather mostly held fine, not blazing, rained a bit on Sunday but not enough to spoil the parade. Nottingham turned out. There was some seriously decent matches, too. My favourite was watching Nichola “Marge” Simpson take gold on Sunday though. A 58-year-old lady taking the top national prize in any sport is pretty extraordinary, but she did it with plenty to spare.

So here’s some of my pictures. I even got to instruct other photographers (hi Dean!) on what to do, and they were kind enough to deliver me some great stuff to use. I didn’t have the fancy two-ton Nikkor lens I had in Poland, and I didn’t have the time I would have liked to skulk around from all angles, and I was banging out the shots for social media rather that, y’know, art, and the light wasn’t all that… but hey. You can’t win ’em all. I had a great time, and the shoot had a great crew and ran smooth as butter.

Scores here

Many, many pics from the weekend by @bimblingalong here and here

Thanks to Jon Nott and everybody else up there. Special thanks to Graham Potts for the lift(s). 

NatSeriesFinal2015-banner with sun







Kieran Slater


Brad Denny


Bros w. Bows

NatSeriesFinal2015-Patrick tv screen

Patrick Huston

NatSeriesFinal2015-1st team match 2

Junior mixed team (sorry don’t know her name – mail in if you do).

NatSeriesFinal2015-owl bloke 2

Guy with the owl. GUY WITH THE OWL.

NatSeriesFinal2015-MZ -2

Patrick & Naomi

File 31-08-2015 23 38 56

Wollaton Hall, creepy process




NatSeriesFinal2015-Beth Martel wide shot

Beth Martel


Naomi Jones


Dani Brown & Andrea Gales


Nicky ‘Marge’ Simpson


Daisy Clark



NatSeriesFinal2015-bow in air

Simon Froggatt


Dani Brown