winter sun

22 November, 2012

…on our outdoor ground, now one of my favourite spots for archery in London. Targets up at 20yd, 30yd, 50yd and 70m.

I shot a FITA 70 round with N, with the temperature dropping to 5°C (41F) – luckily N & M brought some brandy-laced coffee. Was almost dark by the time we wrapped the last end and packed away. Misty. The last couple of ends were like flinging sticks into the darkness, with only that lovely little sound coming back that says ‘you’ve hit the boss’. Still, it got the score I wanted (more on which later), and no misses.

Just ordered some new silk gloves off the interweb. Am going to keep shooting outdoors until my fingers actually feel like they’re gonna fall off.

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