bad archery pt. 152

13 September, 2018

New iPhones are out, and boom, Apple snuck some half-assed archery in there with their latest ad spot.

Mr. Rugged Barebow Guy is such a faker. Look, he’s left the sight block on that Hoyt riser, and he’s drawing to under his chin, sorta. On the plus side, a real Beiter button, a real carbon arrow and a real hand position suggest he’s actually an archer. That’s a novelty. Except the string is nowhere near his nose. BEST method? They got a recurve guy in and made him take the stabs and sight off so it would look more ‘real’?  Got it.

If you watch the actual ad below, the bow tilts forward like a normal recurve with a long rod on the front. It doesn’t react like a barebow. In fact, you can just see the stab if you look very carefully. So, ah, what’s that then?

He hit the middle first time, from all the way over there with a barebow! You choose a) he’s really good b) pile of target faces, shoot from 2 metres, c) CGI d) some combination of the above.

Minor Apple rant: I’m fully tied into the Apple ecosystem, and I’m typing this on a Mac, although I think the Watch is the dumbest thing an archer could stick on their wrist.  Having said that, I’m not unique in thinking Apple has lost its way as the innovative company that Steve Jobs built; the focus is now entirely on business and profit and features and competitors,  rather than innovation, user experience, and making the customer feel valued. Not that this will stop people buying iPhones, but it does mean they are now more vulnerable to another brand coming along and stealing their top-of-the-market custom.

Apple used to be famous for its marketing too, its best known works being the 1984 advert and the Think Different campaign. Now even its ad spots look generic. Using a snap shot of an archer hitting the target is as generic as it gets. When you are using the same iconography used to sell milk to millenials and Drakkar Noir, amongst dozens of others over the years, it strongly suggests you aren’t in the innovation business anymore.

Watch the full ad here:

Thanks to Nicola T for spotting this.

3 comments on “bad archery pt. 152

  1. Ieuan (@Ieuan_Johns)

    To be fair, you never actually see him get to full draw in the closeup shot, with the wide angle it certainly looks like he’s anchored properly and also at the mouth rather than the chin (unless his arm is a very weird angle). His form actually looks reasonably good by all accounts.

  2. the minority guy

    You sound like you’re sitting in the council that oversees all recurve archery activities and…….this article is just to bitch about the phones not satisfying your infinitewants, isn’t it?

    1. takotsubo Post author

      If only I had that power. 🙂
      I write about bad archery solely to give other archers a brief moment of amusement.
      As for Apple: the phones are great, and astonishingly overpriced. Apple seems to put all its creative energy into the business of business, rather than innovating anymore. Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable side-bitch.


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