12 December, 2013

Interesting, and somewhat strange, recent article from the Telegraph about Brazilian archery. Read it here.


“The quiet teenager is one of 12 boys recruited from the rainforest for his remarkable skills with a bow and arrow, honed since the age of nine and passed on to him by generations of ancestors.” Okay. I can’t make out if this is a genuine attempt to recruit more indigenous Amerindians to the Brasilian Olympic team, or some kind of well-meaning PR exercise. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, though. Good stuff.

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  1. Brandon

    Yeah there was an article where they were ‘recruiting’ young archers from tribes and train them to shoot in the 2014 Rio Games. Interest concept.

  2. Kid

    Makes sense that they would target recruiting indigenous people who become good archers through survival, but I wonder if it makes them better archers than someone who has been training with the latest compound bows and studying archery in the first world their whole life. Very Interesting, thank you for sharing


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