memories of rio (an occasional series)

6 October, 2016

Some gamer types play Mario & Sonic’s official Olympics game. Interesting points:

  1. The glass protecting the virtual spectators. They didn’t bother with that in Rio :)
  2.  The pretty realistic location – the buildings are right. Apart from the church out the back.
  3.  The remote camera on a straight track. I guess they were watching London.
  4. The jumbo screens are in a better place than they were in reality. :)
  5. The gameplay. Yeah, I’d watch that in real life.

this is aggie archery

2 October, 2016

Great promo video for a University of California at Davis archery club. Contains the kind of optimism and positivity that should be de rigeur for all archery clubs dealings with the outside world (IMHO). Cheers.

Odense 2016 World Cup Final

25 September, 2016

It’s a shame to say goodbye to Odense (pronounced something like ohuhrndunseu said very fast), the almost ludicrously charming third-largest city in Denmark. A beautiful flatland of trundling bikes, elegantly dressed people, and medieval architecture. A town of 300k where Saturday nights aren’t wild. A smart town of great coffee, genteel applause, and terrible poker players (long story).

This year’s World Cup final is in the books. In the modern World Archery parlance, it’s “part of history” – everybody was trying to think of a better phrase than ‘delivered’, the usual, but uninspiring language of the sports event production world.

For compound, the men’s was uneventful apart from Seppe Cilliers’ classy run, the women’s had a huge Sara Lopez-shaped hole in the field, which Marcella Tonioli managed to jump right through. Recurve day featured four golden Koreans, all of whom looked tired and jet-lagged from a late arrival and a ridiculously busy post-Olympics schedule. There was even some apparent confusion over who would be shooting the mixed team final. Still, they produced the goods, and Tan Ya-Ting didn’t quite have enough on the day to scythe down the women.

No-one looked 100% in form. Brady Ellison took down a title he admitted afterwards he may not have deserved. Sjef was unlucky. Horribly unlucky.  It was good to see longtime TIC favourite Ki Bo Bae take down the title. She looked exhausted in the morning, but from the first match you could see how badly she still wanted it. Once she got past Tan it was in the bag. A re-run of 2012, then. A beautiful setting, in a town where no-one locks their bikes up (was a somewhat different from the last event in Rio). A great tournament. A great turnout. A wonderful staff and volunteers.


Mr. (and Mrs.) Ellison had brought all their Olympic medals out for a photo op. I didn’t get a picture, but was shown first hand that his bronze from Rio was already damaged – the coating on the top was wearing off. Rio 2016 had to work with quite a few low bids. This was just another little one.

Just a handful of pics below. Dean’s pics are here. Reportage is here. Cheers all.


Tanja Jensen


KOR mixed team




Ku “Jazz Hands” Bonchan


Deano setting up another shot


Ki Bo Bae


Korean coaches TRY THE HAVE-A-GO


Woojin at the above


Crystal G on the way


Erika Anear on the practice range


Zach Garrett on the practice range


Jager shadow


Misun to coach


Brady Ellison, Ku Bonchan after shirt swapping scenario



Chang Hyejin takes up a new career?

24 September, 2016

Things I didn’t think I’d ever see: Chang Hyejin modelling Dior and Prada for Korean Vogue. Well-deserved. Another pic and some interview (in Korean) here.




“How A Career Ends.”

22 September, 2016

What happens when things come to a close. Fascinating post from Excelle Sports about Olympic gold medallist Luann Ryon, who won individual gold in 1976 in Montreal. From a series about the ending of athletic careers.

JUL 21 1979, JUL 29 1979; Luann Ryon Is On The Mark Once More; Ryon's performance Saturday at the National Sports Festival put her in second behind Lynette Johnson.; (Photo By Ernie Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

JUL 21 1979, JUL 29 1979; Luann Ryon Is On The Mark Once More; Ryon’s performance Saturday at the National Sports Festival put her in second behind Lynette Johnson.; (Photo By Ernie Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

I really thought I had one more shot in ’88. I had a friend that I trained with a little bit in ’88, but three weeks before the tryouts someone stole my equipment. And trying to put equipment together, everything that you need, and get it just right, and not having time to really train . . .

You know, the bow is an extension of you. I’m sure anybody with any sport that uses an object, be it a baseball mitt or a pole to pole vault or whatever, it becomes a part of you. You have to learn . . . It has to become a part of you, and I just felt like, where my shooting had been over the years, and having to get all new equipment in that short a period of time, that I wasn’t going to make it.

Read the full interview here.

Archery at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

14 September, 2016

Pics from Tuesday &  Wednesday’s call room – men’s recurve and compound. Many seeds falling, quite a lot of drama. It’s a different feel to the Olympic call room; lighter, calmer, a few more jokes – but as much at stake. Enjoy.


Dave Phillips


Ebrahim Ranjbarkivaj (on left). “Ranjbar” to his friends.




Lixue ZHAO


Hanreuchai NETSIRI


Netsiri again


Andre Shelby (& GBRs)


Jonathon Milne & friend


Alberto Simonelli


Kevin Polish


Mikey Hall